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Will a mutual agreement be reached?

Modélisation du Conseil de l’Union Européenne du 25 au 27 avril 2024

Will a mutual agreement be reached?

Delegates at the energy and ecological commission were locked in pretty heated debate on the second full day of EuroMad, focusing on how to achieve a smooth transition towards a more ecological future. 

Though there wasn’t a fun breakfast like the first day, ministers got quickly down to work on preparing and solidifying their proposed amendments. 

During the morning session, delegates had an inspiring visit from Jean-Marie Tarascon, director of the French Research Network on Electrochemical Energy Storage and a professor from the Collège de France in Paris.He spoke about Europe’s future regarding the ecological transition, explaining different solutions that sparked new debate in the commission. And he placed the option of nuclear energy firmly back on the table given that renewable energies won’t be reliable enough until 2050.

Now, the main issue is how to adapt such solutions to each country’s potential. 

But given the inequality of economic resources to tackle the transition, there has been some fierce debates between richer and poorer member states.


So will they manage to reach a mutual agreement before the summit ends? For now, it seems unlikely.


Anna HALES and Sara ALLER